Become a Volunteer

Your Burton Valley Bobcats need you! It takes many hands to make the variety of programs and events at school a success. Join us by selecting a volunteer option below.


Per district guidelines, all on-campus volunteers must attest to and provide proof of their vaccination status as well as fill out screening questions regarding COVID-19. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to get a visitor badge if I volunteer at the school?

Yes!  All volunteers and visitors who are on-campus during school hours are required to check in at the office and obtain a visitor badge. This should be done before you start your volunteer shift.  This includes lunch volunteers, classroom volunteers or any other time you are on campus while school is in session.

I want to volunteer, but I can’t commit to an ongoing commitment.  
I don’t have the time.

Whether you have an hour, a day, or more to give back to our school, we have a volunteer opportunity for you. While we do have some roles with an ongoing commitment, there are many other needs around school that may be an hour long or a short ad hoc request.  Are you unable to volunteer during school hours?  We also have several volunteer activities which you can do at-home or on your own time.


I heard that I need to report my volunteer hours.  How do I do that? 

Record your volunteer hours in a lump sum for a day, week or a month (the choice is yours!).  Volunteer hours could be worked at home, at school or offsite, so long as it benefits Burton Valley. 


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