What Is the Burton Valley Helping Hands Program?

The Burton Valley Elementary 'Helping Hands' program provides a network of help that might make life a bit easier.

The program offers services to help support families experiencing a life-changing event or hardship (i.e., loss, severe illness, accident) that impacts the immediate family and/or caregivers.

Resources may include:

• Meal trains

• Food delivered home (or school drop-off location)

• Child care
• Rides to/from school or brief child care/ playdates
• Donated clothing and/or household items

The program offers resources to help support families experiencing a life-changing event that impacts immediate or extended family and/or caregivers.

• Links to pertinent articles and/or books on topics such as loss, illness, divorce, etc.
• Links to a list of local community-based support groups and/or therapists


Please reach out. If you are or know a family in need, please contact the Helping Hands Coordinator at BVEPRESIDENT@gmail.com 


All communications will be handled discretely and confidentially.