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Important! New Hot Lunch Policy! 

In order for your child(ren) to participate in BVE Hot Lunch, you must opt in to the program and maintain a positive hot lunch balance. Your child(ren) will not have a lunch card to purchase hot lunch if you do not opt in or if your account becomes negative.


Parents with low or negative balances will be notified each Friday; balances must be made positive by the following Monday at 8:45am in order for your children to purchase hot lunch that day. Your child will not be able to purchase hot lunch until the negative balance is paid.


We Are Here to Help

If you need assistance paying for hot lunch, please return the free and reduced hot lunch form to the office, or contact Marsha Dahl, BVE office manager, or Meredith Dolley, principal. Your information will be handled sensitively and confidentially. 


If you missed signing up on RegHub, please access the Opt In form here.


After you complete the Opt In form, please Update/Create a MyMealTime Online Account:

1: Log in to the MealTime Online parent account.
NEW USERS: Click on the "Create New Profile" link and enter a username and password that you will use to login to MealTime Online. Please remember these; we do not have access to them.
2: Add your student(s).
Click on the "Add New Student" link, and add your student by entering their first name and student ID number. The student ID number looks like: 500001234.
*Be sure you locate the ID number for each child in your household as each child will have a unique ID number. This ID number can be found on the summer mailer letter or in the Aeries Parent Portal.
3: Check your Balance / Fund your account.
Check your account balance; if it is low, add funds.  Add funds to the Youngest Child ONLY. We recommend at least $25 per child. We highly recommend paying by credit card through
Each family has a Household Account balance which is shared by all the children in your family. Regardless of which child's account reflects funds, all of your children access the Household Account equally. Please put funds on your youngest child’s account.

The hot lunch program is run by volunteers and needs your help. Please contact Angela Mullin ( to volunteer to help with our hot lunch program.


We still have a lot of openings -- to see where, please check the schedules below and email to sign up.


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