Odyssey of the Mind

A unique opportunity to showcase a child's gifts in visual arts, engineering, problem solving, team work, leadership, and critical thinking.

What is it and Who is it for?

OM is a regional and national team-based competition for kids K-12 who are motivated and eager to learn how to be creative problem solvers and then apply their problem solving skills to tackle a fun challenge. Teams are between 4 and 7 kids and the same school can have multiple team entries.


What is the timeline?

Program planning begins in the fall; peak team activity occurs weekly in January and February; and the regional competition typically takes place in February. Winners at regionals have the opportunity to advance to state and national competitions in the spring.



Watch this video of our information Zoom session


Link to the presentation

And check out the 2020/2021 Program Guide:




Please fill in your details on the Google Sheet whether you already have a team, or you are just interested in finding out more! Existing Teams - Please complete SECOND tab. 



For more information email BVE OM Coordinators Anne Kohler at akohler0503@gmail.com and Pooja Devendran at psdevendran@gmail.com