to try out our before-school running club!  

This Club provides a great opportunity for our students to spend time with their friends - and, hopefully, make a few new ones - while participating in a fun and healthy activity!


Who is eligible to join the Club?

The Club is open to all students in first, second, third, fourth and fifth grade. The Club is aimed to attract those students currently in or in between sports seasons, and those who want to be active but don’t participate in the traditional recreation or club sports programs. 


When and where does the Club meet?

The Club will meet twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, before school from 8:15 to 8:30 AM. Please no drop-offs before 8:15 am! Students will meet and walk/run on the upper field behind BVE.


Do I need to sign a permission slip?

No paperwork is required for the pilot program.


Are there any fees associated with the Club?

The pilot program is free while we see what works and spread the word on the fun.


Who runs the Club?

Students will be coached by trained parents on pacing and stretching, and how best to fuel their bodies before and after they walk/run. At least one trained parent will coach the students each morning; another parent volunteer would be ideal. 


What should students wear?

Proper attire (sneakers and athletic shorts/pants) and a water bottle are required.


Is student progress tracked?

Students will record their laps each morning on provided printouts.  


How do I find out my child’s progress? 

Weekly results will be posted in the BVE office so that students and their parents can see their progress. Students will receive a participation charm at the conclusion of the Club.


What happens if it’s raining the morning the Club meets?

The Club will be canceled on rainy days. If it starts to rain while the students are running/walking, the parent volunteers will send them to their classrooms. 


What happens if my child is injured during the Club?

Should a medical issue arise during the Club, the student will be taken to the BVE office for care and school injury protocols will be followed.