Parenting Through a Pandemic: A Parent Education Series 

In partnership with LPIE and DPEC, the Lafayette School District is pleased to offer a series of trainings for our parents. We will be covering topics ranging from managing stress and anxiety to how to set up a workspace at home. Please join us for a time of learning, sharing and asking questions. Parenting during a pandemic is stressful and we are here to support you.


Tips for Coming Back in Full Distance Learning

How to set up a work space, implement structure and routine, and prepare your child for their new reality of Distance Learning. 

Click here for the slide deck. Click here for the recorded Zoom.

Tips for Coping with Anxiety

Tips for coping with anxiety and emotional regulation including self care and mindfulness for all family members. Presented 08/18/2020

Click HERE for the slide deck. Click HERE for the recorded Zoom.

How to Utilize and Implement Positive Reinforcers at Home

How to implement positive behavior supports at home including how to fill your child’s power bucket, how to provide corrective feedback, how to create behavioral contracts, and how to provide your child with praise and encouragement. Presented 09/01/2020

Click HERE for the slide deck. Click HERE for the recorded Zoom.

How to Maintain Connection with Friends and Positive Digital Relationships

September 15th 7:30pm-8:30pm

How to help your child(ren) maintain positive connections with their peers and how to set up structure and clear expectations regarding electronics.

Supporting your Child's Social and Emotional Development

September 29th 7:30pm-8:30pm

Tips on teaching your children stress management and coping skills and guiding the
development of positive social skills.



Sponsored by Lafayette School District Parent Education Committee and Lafayette Partners in Education