Diversity and Inclusion at BVE

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to promote a culture within our school community that embraces diversity by expanding our children’s perception towards unity for others and integrity for themselves. We strive to provide meaningful family engagement and ensure all families and children feel welcome and represented within our school community.




  • Create an Inclusive school community whereby all families and children feel welcome
  • Plan and execute all PTA-sponsored activities through a lens of inclusiveness and diversity and foster practices that eliminate bias, prejudice and misunderstanding within our community
  • Celebrate diversity by breaking down barriers that discourage people or minimize their involvement.
  • Openly assess beliefs and practices to assure inclusiveness and guard against discrimination
  • Foster programs and become acquainted with the leaders of the many diverse groups in the our local community and collaborate with them to increase parent, family and community involvement within our school
  • Advise our school leaders and members to the needs, cultural beliefs, traditions and family structures of the population we serve and help our students to become conscientious global citizens
  • Propose change wherever discriminatory practices are perceived


"Talking Race with Young Children" NPR




Questions about our Diversity and Inclusion Committee? Please contact: bvepresident@gmail.com


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