Hot Lunch FAQ  

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What is Hot Lunch?  

Hot Lunch is a PTA­ sponsored, parent ­organized, and volunteer­ dependent lunch program available to kindergartners ­- 5th graders at Burton Valley.  The Burton Valley PTA, in partnership with Sodexo, offers a hot lunch, salad bar, and beverage program five days a week.  Students use an Electronic Meal Card through to acquire food available in Burton Valley’s lunchroom.  Children are always welcome to bring lunch from home and just purchase milk or juice.  


What happens if a child wants to purchase lunch but does not have a card?  

If a child does not have a card, the parents will be contacted to bring a lunch from home. Children must have a hot lunch card to purchase lunch. Children will only have hot lunch cards available if the parents have opted in to the hot lunch program and maintain a positive account balance.  


What happens if an account becomes negative?

Parents with low or negative balances will be notified each Friday; balances must be made positive by the following Monday at 8:45am in order for your children to purchase hot lunch that day. 


What if I need help paying for Hot Lunch?

If you need assistance paying for hot lunch, please return the free and reduced hot lunch form to the office, or contact Marsha Dahl, BVE office manager, or Meredith Dolley, principal. Your information will be handled sensitively and confidentially. 


What are the Hot Lunch choices and prices?   

Each day, students will have a choice of two hot lunch entree items. Typically there is one vegetarian option. All hot lunches include a drink and salad bar.  

Salad bar includes hard boiled eggs, string cheese, yogurt, salad choices and fresh fruit. The 2019-2020 hot lunch prices are:    


Student Lunch (including Variety Bar): $4.40

Student Variety Bar Meal: $3.90
Extra Entree/Fruit Smoothie: $2.50
Milk/Juice: $ .50


*Please note: there are NO double portions for K­ - 2 grades. For many children, especially K - 2nd graders, “extra portion” is too much food to eat, especially in the amount of time given.  


Please discuss with your child/children about what they are allowed to purchase or allowed to eat in the lunch room. This conversation needs to take place at home.     


How will my child buy lunch using the hot lunch account?  

A bar coded picture card will be issued to all students as identification for the system. Students use their card to access their account when paying for meals in the cafeteria. The electronic card is kept in the cafeteria to reduce lost and forgotten cards. Cards are checked at the door by parent volunteers and our kitchen staff to ensure that the picture on the card and the student match.  


How do I create a hot lunch account for my child?   

Go to   


Step 1:  Create a MealTime Online parent account.    

Click on the "create new profile" link and enter a username and password that you will use to login to MealTime Online.   

Please remember these; we do not have access to them.  


Step 2:  Add your student.    

Login to your MealTime Online account using the username and password that you created in Step 1, click on the "Add New Student" link, and add your student by entering their first name and student ID number.  The student ID number looks like: 500001234.   


*Be sure you locate the ID number for  each  child in your household as each child will have a unique ID number. This ID number can be found in the Aeries Parent Portal.    


Each Family Has a Household Account ­- Add funds to the Youngest Child ONLY  

You may click on the "View Details" link next to your student's name to view their cafeteria account balance and purchase history.    


The Household Account balance is shared  by all the children in your family.  Regardless of which child's account reflects funds, all of your children access the Household Account equally. Please put funds on your youngest child’s account.    


As an example, if you have three children it would show up like this on your statement:  

5th grader John: $0 balance  

3rd grader Sally: $0 balance  

1st grader Mary: $150.00 balance  



*If you put money on each child, the system will split the family resulting in negative balances for your other children when you add money to the Household Account.  


If your child chooses to get hot lunch on ONLY pizza days (one day a week for the entire year) this comes out to be $153.    


How do I add money to my hot lunch account?  

There are two ways to add money to your Household account:     

  1. Recommended: Using a credit card, deposit money online at  Money received is credited instantly. **Please note a 4.9% fee will be charged by the My Meal time vendor.  For example, if you deposit $100, you will be charged $104.90.  
  2. Drop a check in the “hot lunch” box in the office.  Please fill out the order form in the office. Please remember to put your child’s name on the form and in the memo section of the check. Money received will be credited in the Household Account within a week. Please note that check or cash deposits are only made once a week.   


How can I check my child’s account balance or receive notification when their account is at a low balance?  

You can check your child’s account balance by logging in to your family account at  You can also set up automatic email notifications when your child’s balance reaches a low balance.  To set up automatic notifications, log in to your account, click on “Profile”, and scroll down to the section titled “Email.”  In this section, you can check the box to receive low balance notifications and set your own low balance amount.   


What is a Negative Balance?   

A negative balance is a below zero balance.  When this happens, our system splits your family, so when you make your next deposit only one child will have a positive balance. Please help us by not allowing your account to go into a negative balance.  


Balances are sent each week via email so please keep your information up ­to ­date. If you are not receiving a weekly balance statements by email please send your email to   


What can you do if you have money remaining in your account at the end of the year?  

If you're an existing BVE student with a remaining balance, the money will rollover to the youngest BVE student's Hot Lunch account.


The PTA encourages families exiting Burton Valley, meaning they will no longer have any students remaining at the school, to donate their unused funds, sell to existing BVE students OR ask for a reimbursement.  Due to the extensive amount of work involved in creating reimbursements, we will not automatically be providing them, but only by individual requests to the BVE president up to two weeks after last day of school. After that date, all existing funds will be rolled over to a free and reduced lunch scholarship fund.  


What do I do if I still have more questions about the Hot Lunch program?  

Please feel free to contact Angela Mullen or Mariam Simpson at