BVE PTA Event & Program Chairs 2018-2019


August Mailer PTA President  
Bobcat Day Kristin Greenaway  
Broadcast Linda Choi  
Directory Kristine Rassmussen  
Facebook Page Heather Tzortzis  
Glass Cases Janette Catron  
Signboards/Marquee Sophie Callahan  
Website Jennie Dobies and Holly Higgins  
Distribution List Marisa Canoles  
Reg Hub Update (Summer) Neda Wilson, Holly Higgins, Jennie Dobies, Maia Sui  


VP Volunteers/Historian             Maia Siu

Classroom Coordinator Chair VP Volunteers (Maia Siu)  
Teacher Appreciation Jennifer Renton  
Volunteers At Large Heather Tzortzis  
VP Ways and Means                Dana Herman
Art to Remember Gretchen La Rotonda  
Art to Remember Kathleen Brekke  
Book Fair Elizabeth Siamis  
Book Fair Jen Ruhl  
Book Fair Michelle McNeil  
Book Fair Alison Poritzky  
Box Tops for Education Jennifer Lindsay-Renton  
Box Tops for Education    
eScrip Angela Lang  
Hot Lunch Scheduler Angela Mullin  
Walk-a-Thon Lindsay Zhu  
Walk-a-Thon Lisa Furtado  
Walk-a-Thon Cara Fleming  
Walk-a-Thon Denali Allen  
Standing Committee Lead, School Improvement - Xander Mittman
Emergency Preparedness Xander Mittman  
Green Team Jennifer Davis  
Sustainable Lafayette Rep meghan mittman  
Sustainable Lafayette Rep Kirsten Jensen-Horne  
Lost & Found Felicity Hernandez  
Standing Committee Lead, Education & Wellness - Amy McDonough
Blood Drive Kelli Hemmingsen-Smith  
Lafayette Reservoir Run Stephanie Hamilton  
Lafayette Reservoir Run (Shadow '18, Lead '19) Cara Fleming  
Kindness Week Julie Manning  
Kindness Week Monette Hagopian  
Kindness Week Amy Lewis  
Kindness Week Elizabeth Hennessee  
Red Ribbon Day Kindness Week Team  
Safe Routes/Walk & Bike to School Lisa Furtado  
Read Across America Pamela Dawkins  
Read Across America  Sandra Forrester  
Crayon Initiative Amy McDonough  
Reflections Kristin Greenaway  
Reflections Ellen Stuart  
Odyssey of the Mind Kathi McCracken Dente  
Diversity & Inclusion Anita Kapoor  

5th Grade Activities                  


Annette Robison  
5th Grade Party Danielle Upp  
5th Grade Party Amy Jones  
5th Grade Yearbook Courtney Bellias  
5th Grade Yearbook Amy Hollyfield  
Fall Family Festival Moira Roberts  
Fall Family Festival Tiffany Moore  
Fall Family Festival Kellie Piacente  
Fall Family Festival Danielle Lederman  
Fall Family Festival Mariam Simpson  
Fall Family Festival Victoria Livingston-Hall  
Fall Family Festival Wendy Roblatt/Joe Van Noy  
Fall Family Festival Annette Robison  
Fall Family Festival Meredith Dolley  
Hospitality VP Social  
Ice Cream Social 4/6 Summer Staino  
Ice Cream Social Katie Morgan  
TASA Lunches Mindy Harmeyer  
TASA Lunches Erica Mason  
Poker Party Jami Rowley  
Poker Party John Kaufman  



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